About nature.

nature – melodious pop rock made in Austria.

Straightforward songs in English. Stylishly oscillating between pop and rock. The band project nature connects four young musicians with long-standing experience. Their first EP will be released soon.

Guitarist Andy Liu has an Amadeus Music Award in his pocket already and he went on tour with legends like Deep Purple or Brian Adams. The Viennese celebrates his biggest chart-success up to now in 2005 with the band SheSays and their hit „Rosegardens“.

Singer Michael Burger tries out various professional careers. Entering his 20ies, however, he gets involved with music – just like the rest of his family. At the Viennese Conservatoire he studies singing and meets Andy in 2011. Various songs come into being and nature begins to hit roots.

With Rich Messner at the bass and the Bavarian drummer Mathias Holzner the band is finally complete. Rich takes the proper initial steps of a kid from of South Tirol: He learns to play the trumpet. But exactly like his idol Flea, the bassist of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, he changes to the bass early on. Mathias lives in Amsterdam for 11 years to study percussion and to hit the road with internationally known bands like Drums United or Sumera.

With the first demo-tape nature persuades the renowned producer Hartmut Pfannmüller, who did studio-work with STS, SheSays, The Kelly Family or VSOP already. During a crowd-funding campaign in autumn, 2015 with „wemakeit.at“ nature wins the Bank of Austria Art Award and gets the chance to produce the first EP independently.